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family safety -- block google+

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    family safety -- block google+

    I have family safety set up on a child's account, with web filtering at the highest level.

    I allowed, because I needed the google drive desktop app, and it couldn't connect until I allowed

    The problem is that google+ and chrome store are accessible (using chrome browser), even though I specifically blocked them.

    How can I allow the google drive desktop app to function, but still block google+?

    I would also like to block the chrome store, if possible.

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    Hi shmu. I understand your dilemma, but just to let you know > I don't use Google, so I may be limited. Would it be possible to allow the child to just use IE. Leave no links to any google on the Start Screen. Unpin the Windows Store app tile and any other tile for that matter. You would have to help set everything up there as you probably know.

    If that does not suffice, I see you have 8.1 Pro so there is Group Policy which I think may work, although more setup time. Type it in search to open. I feel I'm not qualified to help with this aspect, though. There are help files and would be willing to learn and help you.

    Group Policy Management Console
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    thanks hippsiegypsie, I never really messed around much in group policy, but it's an interesting approach.
    now, let's say I succeed in setting up group policy to block google+. But then, I have blocked it for all users, no?
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    You're quite welcome.

    Not sure. I shall read up on it. Someone else may come along. I'll ask some other members that may know. I'll be back.
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    Not sure if this might help, not tried it myself but its a new (ish) feature of chrome, where you set user accounts within chrome and block certain sites, so the restrictions are within chrome as well as your desktop ones so this should have no effect on google drive

    you would have to log into chrome each time, yourself for full access and childs account with the restrictions

    Use Supervised Users to Set Up Parental Controls on a Chromebook (or Just in Chrome)
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    I read about that, but I hesitated to go forward with it because it seemed to entail bumping my child onto a new chrome account, after we got things set up nicely where she is.

    I came up with an interim solution: there is a simple chrome extension called site block, available free on the chrome store. It is very good at blocking google+ and chrome store and anything else you might want to block.
    But it is specific to chrome, and unless you buy the premium edition, it is pretty easy to just turn it off.
    It's good only for a child who sticks to chrome and doesn't go messing around in the chrome settings.

    Interesting: I just checked this out, the whole problem is only when using chrome. When using IE, google+ is blocked, just like it should be.
    It's all a matter of google doing some fancy footwork behind the scenes in chrome.
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    Haven't forgotten about you, shmu. Not sure if you did, but I started reading into Group Policy only to find it very, very complicated. One would actually need to take a course to learn it. Definitely an IT pro thing. We could do it, but your child may be another year older by the time we got 'er done. Then there's a big chance of messing up your system, for it's a lot of Registry altering.

    Sorry, but I'll have to bow out on this one. The only easy solution that I see is to change to OneDrive and IE. Not sure if you're willing to do that.
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    thanks for the effort!!!

    I guess I will stay with my interim solution for now: "site block", a simple chrome extension, does the job well enough, since I am dealing with a non-tech-oriented child who won't work hard to figure a way around it. Site block fills the gaps that family safety misses.
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    You're quite welcome. I'm glad you found a solution that works. Good luck to you and yours!
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family safety -- block google+
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