I reset the Windows 8 OS on a laptop I am giving to a friend. I had set them up as the Admin, but when I wanted to reinstall Office 2013, it asked for the account under which Office was originally installed. So I added myself as an Admin and changed my friend to a standard user.

I restarted teh computer and now it does not recognize either one of us as an Admin. I have gone through all of the advanced options in Troubleshoot but they all end up at teh same point: "You need to sign in as aqn administrator to continue, but there aren't any administrator accounts on this PC."

Below that it says "Forgot your passwword or don't see your account?" When I click on that it says "This list only shows administrator accounts that have previously signed into this PC, and does not include standard user or domain accounts. You need to be signed in as an administrator to use some repair and restore tools. If you don't have a password for any of these accounts, you can restart to try singing in to Windows to manage your user accounts."

I have restarted it about a dozen times and it goes straight from a bootup screen to a blue screen that says Automatic Repair
Your PC did not start correctly
Press "Restart" to restart your PC, which can sometimes fix the problem. You can also press "Advanced options" to try other options to repair your PC.

I'm stuck in a loop of that. It won't let me make corrections without being signed on as an admin, but it won't sign me on as an admin.