Hello all,
I have a problem. Two days ago, I have noticed that when I am logging into my computer - some strangely named account is there. It is an account which I did not create and its name is composed of some letters - it is scmbegmgitc. I do not know where does it come from and I am worried whether it is not some kind of mallware or virus or something.
I have noticed this problem a little bit after installing new drivers - Intel proset/wireless for bluetooth technology and some other wifi driver. I am not sure whether it can be associated with that or with some other issue - I played a game and went to windows. After that I wanted to return back to game, but it froze and I had to turn off my computer physically by pressing the button. After this, I have noticed this strangly named account.

I have already used my Eset Smart security software to analyse my computer for possible threads - nothing was found. Then I have also installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software which found some issues - which I gave into quarantine. Nevertheless, it did not help as this account is still apearing.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance!