I installed driver for my graphics card downloaded from NVIDIA website, then my PC crashed with blue screen which asked me while windows gather aditional information. I waited till the screen said 100% and power shut my pc because after 100 % it took longer than 5 mins.
Then my PC restarted in recovery mode. I cannot access windows normally. When trying to do system restore it says that there is no administrator account on my pc. I used admin account just before restart.
When trying to access safe mode it goes to infinate restart loop.

Im using ASUS K55VM with windows 8.1 64 bit.

When trying to boot my pc from windows DVD it goes to restart loop and doesn't boot the DVD.

The only option I can access is in the recovery mode - to delete everything from my computer. And that is not an option for me because I wanna keep my files.

What can I do to make windows recognize that I have an admin account?