Always had admin rights, but somehow it's gone.

When the UAC window pops up, it ask's for admin password, but there is no place to enter it. Tried clicking on pop up and typing password and "yes" still grayed out. My laptop has finger print password and it does not work either.

Went to safe mode and enabled administrator. When I went back to regular start up my original user was no longer there and when UAC window popped up I still had the same problem. Went to safe mode, there was only one restore point, restored to it and back to where I was.

Tried gpedit.msi got message "You do not have permission to perform this operation"

When I go to lusrmgr.msc Users, Administrator, Properties, Uncheck Account is disabled, the message "Access is denied" pops up.

I have two computers and they are both doing the same thing.
Hopefully someone has an answer to this problem.