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No option to login through pincode

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    No option to login through pincode

    Hey, i have recently bought a new laptop, bso i am pretty new to windows 8. Its a Lenovo Ideapad Y50.
    At first i had a password and a pincode, i was able to switch between the 2 login options at the login screen, i always used the pincode, as it was faster. I forgot the password. And somehow the option to choose between the 2, is now gone. To conclude, i am unablebto login to my laptop, as i dont know the password and it is not allowing me to login through my pincode. The account is not a microsoft account, so i cant just go to there website and change my password. Nor do i have a password reset disk. I have tried all the passwords i know and have no clue what to do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry if my spelling isnt that good. Not a native English speaker.

    Thnx in advance


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    Edit: Note that if you never enabled the built in Admin account you may have to do it to use the tutorial in the thread at bottom of post
    (obviously you cannot get into your account so you would need to boot Windows from a USB or disc to get a command prompt)
    Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

    If you have use of another machine to download, then make a boot USB, this thread may help:
    Forgot admin password

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    it Worked

    Thank you, i followed a similar tuturial and i am now able to log back onto my normal account.
    although i am stuck with another problem.
    I followed this tutorial:
    Offline enable the Windows 8 built-in administrator account - 4sysops
    But now, whenever you start my pc, and press 5 x shift, you get a command promt again, how do i revert this?
    thnx again :P

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No option to login through pincode
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