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Non-Admin Standard User Able to Reset PC

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    Non-Admin Standard User Able to Reset PC

    I'm setting up a stolen laptop tracking software and want to leave a standard/non-admin user account open for a potential thief. The software requires someone to log in and connect to the internet in order to start tracking. So if I only have my personal admin account password protected, I will be out of luck. The problem is that while logged in as a standard user I am able to access recovery options. From there I can use advance startup and proceed to reset my pc. If a thief logs in and resets my pc right away, I will have no way of tracking them. I have windows 8.1 standard and have not been able to find any way from restricting access to the recovery options.

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    If a potential thief has enough knowledge about computers, there's nothing you can do to stop it. You can make it harder for them to crack into the system such as put in a supervisory password in the BIOS so that before booting into Windows environment, you must enter the supervisory password. However, this password can also be cleared by using a jumper on the mother board.
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    I understand that I can't make it perfect, but I am wondering why administrator rights are not needed to reset my computer. Almost everything else requires admin rights, so why not a system reset? It seems really contradictory to me. I've disabled cd/usb boot and also set a bios management password. Setting a power on password is counter productive because then my tracking software doesn't have a chance.
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    You can do this via Group Policy if you have Windows Pro installed.
    If you set UAC to Always notify me, then you will not be able to use the refresh and reset Windows 8 features. These features require UAC to be set to the default or lower level to work.
    And you can disable access to Refresh/Reset in the control Panel in via GPO too.

    UAC Group Policy Settings and Registry Key Settings
    Group Policy Settings for Control Panel

    Edit : Just noticed you have windows 8.1 Standard. You're out of luck I think, but you might try manually editing the registry settings, some Group Policies are still avalaible even on Standard.
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Non-Admin Standard User Able to Reset PC
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