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Sync problem after recreating a User Account

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    Sync problem after recreating a User Account

    I have a ASUS Windows 8.1 tablet. Everything works fine for me and seemed to be working fine for my wife’s account until she started to add some apps to her account.

    Both accounts had Admin privileges. Several of her apps just wouldn’t run after installing. I worked with vendors, uninstalling and reinstalling many times without any success. The same apps installed and worked perfectly on my account. I decided to remove her account and then reinstall it and took the option to save all of her personalized data and made back-up copies of everything I could just in case.

    Everything seemed to go fine and the apps now installed and work as intended but Syncing & sharing libraries from her home computer no longer works. When I try to setup syncing in her Firefox browser it asks for her login but now says she has no Firefox account.

    Originally our user accounts looked something like the following in the C:\Users folders:


    Now they look like:

    Kathy_000.PC name (Note: after the “.” is the actual tablet name)

    I’m thinking that the “.PC name” which has been added might be the problem. I tried to rename “Kathy_000.PC name” to “Kathy_000”, like it originally setup but there is no option to rename.

    Any suggestions on best way to resolve this? Thks John

    Update: It turns out the Syncing problem in Firefox was due to a new Syncing code in the newest version of FireFox. Tablet had the newest version and home PC didn't. The new version also requires a new user account to be created. Now I just need to address the Library issue.
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Sync problem after recreating a User Account
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