Have you lost your profiles from Razer products?

I did, via this Windows update from Microsoft after I upgraded from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro. The install may actually delete all of your macros and profile key binding for your Razer products! I lost my profiles after this installation. Microsoft will suggest you perform a SYSTEM restore to recover the profiles, and Razer hasn't yet submitted a workaround.

For proper disclosure I have a Razer branded Nostromo with blue LEDs, which worked with Windows 8/8.1, not the older Belkin models. I don't have a Razer mouse. Here is the actual update from MS Windows Update:
Razer Inc - Other hardware - Razer Nostromo
and it installs the following: Razer Synapse 2.0 version 1.18.02, 16.9mb

So on to the lost profiles/macros. I searched for some time on GOOGLE but there is no clear workaround. So while following this little workaround, know that your experience may vary, but at the least the following might help you to recover your profiles after Synapse is installed.

I find it strange that I received this Razer Update via WINDOWS UPDATE from Microsoft for Windows 8.1 Professional, not from Razer. The installation process does not tell you there is a high chance you will lose your profiles. Razer's download copy from their site does not tell you this either.

I did find a way to retrieve the lost profiles from the old driver upgrading to Synapse 2 for the Nostromo. This worked for me and will work IF you do not uninstall and reinstall Synapse. (otherwise you will probably lose the profile xml backups, I did)

So here is the workaround:

1. If the user does not yet have a Synapse cloud account, it would be preferential to create the acct before the upgrade(I didn't and the update walks you through this, which may be the issue). You can do this before your install at Razer's site.

2. Back up and take screenshots of all meaningful profiles with their keybinding using your legacy configurator app.

3. Install the Synapse Razer update, and if your profiles are gone, Immediately Go OFFLINE in SYNAPSE. (upper right corner arrow)
4. NOW do the following: If the successful upgrade loses your profiles, without uninstalling, simply save the contents of following locations to an external drive for safekeeping.
a. To verify if your profiles from old NOSTROMO have been "upgraded/converted" check here:
c:\programdata\Razer\Synapse\Converters\Nostromo\Profiles and \Macros

where you will find xmls of each of your profiles. IF they are there, GREAT!, Copy them quick into a backup on a different drive. You can manually import them by copying/pasting these GUID.xml profile files into these two locations:
NOTE: You might have to UN-HIDE the Programdata folder to view, and I had to place the GUID.xml files there in both places for this to work.
5. Shutdown SYNAPSE, and then OPEN SYNAPSE and check if your profiles repopulated in the Synapse dropdown.
6. Now Go ONLINE in SYNAPSE and see if your profiles are still there and after awhile. If they disappear, at least you know how to get them back, and you can choose to stay offline while playing.
I haven't tested the rescued profiles and macros yet, but they should work for Nostromo and any other Razer product that used the older legacy configurator. If this works, ENJOY all the spare time you just gained by not manually inputting all of your profiles!