I recently lost all administrator rights in windows 8. I lost the only account I had set up, and now can only use a guest account. I've tried to follow every other fix that people have posted online, but still can't gain administrator rights back.

I've tried over and over to boot in safe mode, as many have said doing this will turn up an administrator profile, but it's never there. All I ever see are my old corrupted profile and the guest account. My guest account says it's set to administrator, but clearly that isn't true.

I tried to turn on the default administrator using cmd, 'net user administrator /active:yes', but get an access denied error. When I just look at 'net user administrator', I can see the info about it and it says it's not active. So how can I turn it on?

I tried looking for the administrator in local users and groups using the computer management tool and adding the snap in, but got a message saying this wan't available on my version of windows.

I don't understand how to get admin rights back when you need admin rights to do everything! I am so frustrated right now! I really don't want to have to wipe my entire computer. There should really be better safe guards in place for this since it seems many other have experienced this same problem. Any input would be greatly appreciated!