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switch to microsoft account with administrator built-in ?

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    switch to microsoft account with administrator built-in ?

    Hi there developer
    help me
    I need to work with administrator built-in account and can't work with ather user account in our company
    so now I need to switch to my microsoft account from this Administrator Built-in account
    but when I try to give me this Error :
    We Are Sory , but something went wrong .you're account wasn't change to this microsoft account
    Code : 0xdd00000bb
    meanwhile I'm able to switch to microsoft account with other user account name and type
    even I'm able switch to microsoft account from the other account name with administrator type
    but can't switch with administrator account name with built-in account
    help me please if you know any way to resolve this problem
    great thanks
    Regards :

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    Just backup the data in that problematic account like documents, desktop items (C:\Users\%UserName%)

    Now log off and sign in into another user with administrative rights and delete that account and create a new one with administrative rights.

    That might help
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    windows 8.1

    but then it won't be administrator account with built-in right
    I need and forced to work with just administrator built-in account and now want to switch to microsoft account with the JUST
    administrator Built-in account
    do you know any way to switch to microsoft account with administrator Built-in account ?
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    Is this a work computer with IT administrators? If so, you may be locked out of what you're trying to do.
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    windows 8.1

    thanks for reply
    no this is not
    this is a personal pc
    i'm just try to know how we can switch to microsoft account with "Administrator Built-in account"
    but as I searched and looking for I can't find any answer
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    You have no need to use the "SuperUser" account. Just create a new profile, or pull the drive, pop it on a USB to SATA connector or in a external drive enclosure. Boot up other computer, then take over the rights to the drive out of the bad computer. You can then pull all files that you want from whatever user profile.

    The problem that you run into now. Is that with 8.1.x. You have to have a "Microsoft" account, before you can create a "Local" account.
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    windows 8.1

    thanks for thses useful article
    I need to know how can I install windows and complete installation with administrator built-in account and with out create a user account ?
    do you know any way to do this ?
    or do you know any way to switch to microsoft account with administrator built-in account
    I did it in windows server 2012 r2 but I can't do that in windows 8.1 ?
    help me to do that
    Regards :
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switch to microsoft account with administrator built-in ?
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