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Any way to not have to ever click 'open as admin' again?

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    Any way to not have to ever click 'open as admin' again?

    Ok so, today I tried to edit my hosts file [c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts] but when I tried to save it premission was denied. I had to open notepad as admin and only then was able to save it.
    Is there a way to not have to do that ? if I don't care much about security ? I have an anti-virus and I'm the only user of my PC, so as far as I'm concerned that's enough. I think it's just a nuisance to have to click that.

    Is there anyway to truly become an admin without having to click that or ask for permissions ?
    I saw[1]=User%20Accounts
    But logging in to that account makes me lose all my settings and that tutorial says it makes metro apps not work, are there any better ways?

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    If yours is the only account you can likely use this:
    Take Ownership Shortcut - Windows 7 Help Forums

    I used it to take ownership of the Program Files folders. Just don't take ownership of the drive the system is on. IOW if Windows is on C: do not right click on drive C and Take Ownership.

    It's frowned upon by some but I turn UAC all the way down in settings. As in Never Alert Me.
    Another angle is to install an editor in Compatibility Mode as W7 or Vista. It should have an easier time saving files.
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    I have an anti-virus and I'm the only user of my PC, so as far as I'm concerned that's enough.
    It isn't.

    In recent years all forms of malware have become VERY sophisticated and the evasion of AV products is a major part of this. Even the very best AV product with the latest definitions is not proof against all malware. The AV producers know this and are doing the best they can. But it a war between malware and AV software and I believe at the present time malware is winning.

    By default software runs with the same rights and privileges as the account that started it. If you are using an unrestricted admin account (as you are proposing to do) software can do do pretty much whatever it wants with few restrictions. And it isn't particularly difficult to get around the few that do exist. If that software happens to be malicious you have a problem. Malware authors are experts at evading restrictions.

    With UAC enabled you are normally running under a limited account with the full rights of the admin account account available only when requested. Under such an account malware will have little scope to do harm. It is possible to evade this restriction too but it is difficult. It is another level of security and with the present state of malware you need all the advantages you can get.

    UAC is a reasonable compromise between convenience and security. Security always has it's price.
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    Even though I also find it a nuisance I compare it to why one is discouraged from operating as root in a linux system. Even though typing "sudo" in front of everything needing admin privileges is a pain it does help to keep the system safe.

    One work-around is to load shortcuts to your Win 8 desktop and in Properties > Advanced check the Run as Administrator box. Then run that program from the desktop (Windows key + D). At least this way your commonly-used programs will run with elevated privileges.
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Any way to not have to ever click 'open as admin' again?
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