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Do I really need 5 separate Users folders?

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    Do I really need 5 separate Users folders?

    Dell XPS 15 running windows 8.
    Windows suddenly requiring re-activation...won't accept my product key...Microsoft doesn't recognize the key...Dell sending new copy so I can re-install. I am trying to back up and clean up beforehand.
    I am the only User of this computer. I notice that I have 5 User folders---why? Administrator(63MB), my first name(151GB), my first and last name(65GB), Default(1.4MB), and Public(9GB). The contents are not identical but there seem to be lots of duplicate files.
    What can I safely delete?

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    Hi there.

    Not sure why you have all those other users - you only need your own (and the administrator ID).

    Activation BTW has nothing to do with the number of users who can USE your computer -- Windows desktop models are only essentially SINGLE USER models so only one person can be logged on at one time. The activation refers to the number of WINDOWS INSTANCES you have running. A single windows license is restricted to a single PC (ecluding server OS'es) - but ANY number of users can use the system (one at a time though).

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    Jimbo--thanks for responding.
    I see those 5 User accts in Windows Explorer. But if I go to User Accts in Control Panel and click Manage Accts, only Administrator and Guest come up as choices.
    I read somewhere that I should sign in as Admin only when necessary to make changes, otherwise sign in on a Standard Acct.
    Where are the others, particularly the one under just my first name and the one under first and last name? Shouldn't they come up under Manage Accts?
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Do I really need 5 separate Users folders?
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