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Login security password help

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    Login security password help

    Hi there

    New to these Win8 forums but your sister site Sevenforums have been most helpful to me in the past

    Now i haven't actually got a Win8 PC but my dad has im still on Win7 so the help i shall be requiring is going through a third-party(dad)

    He has just bought an ASUS laptop pre-installed with 8.1 ans was previously with XP so quite a jump.

    Now as i said i have Win7 so im at a loss to help him at the moment.

    Now he has setup the laptop and gone through the steps.
    What he wasnt sure about though is the fact he had to put in his email address and create a New password in order to boot to main screen.

    First off do you need to have a sign in name and password now?
    Second if you do was he right in using his email address(gmail) and setting new password?

    Now im thinking of using a GUI shell to replicate Win7 so at least i can advise him over the phone as i have no clue to the layout and how things work with Win8

    Are these advisable to use?

    Many thanks

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    Hello GBU, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Your Dad is using a Microsoft account to sign in to Windows 8 with.

    While it does require a password, he could use the tutorial below to have Windows automatically sign in to his user account at startup if he liked.

    Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

    If you like, you could install a 90-day trial evaluation version of Windows 8.1 Enterprise in a virtual machine to play with and get used to. Of course, you are always welcomed to ask any questions here. We'll be happy to help.

    Download Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation

    Hope this helps,
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    Hi there

    Many thanks for replying.

    My dad has given me the laptop to install some programs and transfer from old laptop.

    Must say impressed so far with Win8.
    I may well install the trial myself
    Just one thing this isnt a new Vista is it dont wanna upgrade only to find its useless a few months later on lol

    He's gonna keep the sign in screen for now but thanls for the link as he may well want to bypass it later on.

    Now when signed in initally he had to put his password in and his emails showed up on the tile(gmail)
    Now when signing in its asking for his microsoft password which he puts in and although he gets access it no longoer shows live email feed?

    Couple of questions hope its ok to add to this thread?

    It came with a 30day MacFee security trial.
    Before he used Microsoft Security Essentials but not sure if its for Win8, i read that it has Windows Defender so would he need a new package after Macfee trials runs out now?

    Also when on desktop is there a way to see your programs like on Win7 you press Start and the list pops up?

    Many Thanks
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    Yeah, Windows 8 is not bad at all once you get used to. If you have not already, updating to the free Windows 8.1 Update via the Store makes it even better.
    I'm guessing the live email feed would from the Mail app on the Start screen. You could turn it's live tile on/off for this, and turn on/off notifications from Mail.
    In Windows 8, the included Windows Defender is just a renamed Microsoft Security Essentials now. When McAfee expires, he could just uninstall it and use Windows Defender if he likes.

    The Start Menu from Windows 7 was replaced by the Start and Apps view on the Start screen.

    However, if you like, you could use a 3rd party program to restore the Start Menu. The next update to Windows 8.1 later this year is suppose to add a Start Menu back though.
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    Oh that's a great help thank you!

    Ive now updated to 8.1 and i love the look of it, a lot easier to navigate then i was led to believe.

    Took ages to update though was around 156 updates before it allowed me to install 8.1 lol
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    You're most welcome.
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Login security password help
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