I've been putting off asking this. When people refer to going to folders like C:\users\"yourNameHere"\ for profiles etc, I don't have this luxury.

In my User folder, the closest thing to "yourNameHere" (meaning my profile name) is Mcx1-ANT-PC (my computer is called ANT-PC)
I installed like other regular folk, with a windows ID (Microsoft email account) I did nothing special, my aliases and profile name is literally "windows eight", its what I see when I log in.

Back to the first paragraph: As an e.x.
People refer to finding MS Outlook .pst in your profile folder, they direct users to
C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\ etc, and so on, same for other user specific profile files
If you look at my snippet, I have a few folders in my "User Folder" I am the only person that uses this PC, there is only one user account, mine.

So here are my 2 questions:
1. If my computer is called ANT-PC why is my profile user folder called "Mcx1-ANT-PC"?
2. Why is nothing stored there? Every profile related file or accessory is located in the user\Windows folder. (See snippet)

Click image for larger version

I assure everyone, I have done nothing out of the ordinary in my installation nor have I made any specific changes to user accounts, in fact I have never so much as been in there.

The only related issue I can mention to my knowledge is that I have cloud disabled.

pointing me to anywhere that may help to explain this would be appreciated.