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Can't delete a windows 8 user account

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    WHAT ! , if there was a 1% of getting to this point , I wouldn't have deleted that profile binary ....
    Thank you anyways
    now , we can't do anything about it ..... so I don't have the Windows CD, but my windows is the original one , so I need all my Data , ALL OF THEM , how to "reinstall" the windows without loosing my FILES !


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    windows 8.1

    WOW !
    I woke up this morning , and made a new account and it was fine , I am copying all my DATA now , Just tell me if i'm doing something wrong ( and some questions :P ) :
    1- I will copy the data when I'm on my new account from C:/users/oldaccount
    2- I will delete the old account
    3- ok when I open C users I have like 12 users what can we do about that
    4- the main problem was that "Preparing Windows" and logging in with a temporary account , but we changed the user , so the problem may occur again right ?
    5- After this experience , I need to backup my windows and files and everything , every single details in my settings , is there anyway to do that ?
    6- FINALLY ( I THINK ) , how may I help you , how can I give you a good feedback or something ; you know like : was it helpful ? what do you think of our emp or something

    And again THANK YOU SO MUCH <3
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    Great news.

    1) Yes, you could copy what you like from there to the new account.

    2) I wouldn't delete the old account until everything checks out ok after a few days to make sure. Once deleted it's gone for good.

    3) Make sure that you have fully deleted the user accounts for these extra user profile folders that you don't need. Then you should be able to just delete them. You may need to open them to approve access first though.

    4) The new account wouldn't be affected by the user profile error from the other corrupter account. Any account that becomes corrupted could get the error. If you get it, you could just use the tutorial below to fix it.
    5) Creating a system image would be a good way to back up everything. I like using Macrium Reflect Free.

    6) No need. Just knowing that you have this about sorted is thanks enough. When you post questions or answer posted questions, that helps everyone with the same issue posted.
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    windows 8.1

    Ok , thank you again :P
    YOU HEAR ME ! ! ! !THANK YOU !!!

    ok so now for the users thing I got this in the registery : ( profilelist)

    C:\Users\UpdatusUser.Toshiba ( I think it has something to do with NVidia update or windows update )
    C:\Users\Hassou5.Toshiba ( that's my old account )
    C:\Users\UpdatusUser ( same as the first one don't know )
    C:\Users\TEST ( that's my new account )
    C:\Users\Administrator.Toshiba ( I think that's the admin you were talking about it's built in the windows or smthng)
    C:\Users\Guest ( I tried to open the Guest to create an account but won't ever use it delete ?)
    C:\Users\DefaultAppPool ( again don't know what is that )

    if you want to put any comments I made you the same list just copy paste it


    in my C:users I got these :

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    64-bit Windows 10

    You would only want to delete the folder below if you had already deleted the account in User Accounts.

    • C:\Users\Hassou5.Toshiba

    If you have turned off the Guest account, then you can safely delete it's folder below.

    • C:\Users\Guest

    You do not want to delete the others.
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Can't delete a windows 8 user account
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