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I'll have to check it out. I don't have it here. I figured that was going to be my only option. Windows 8 blows.
Let me just check I understand you correctly. Windows 8 "blows" because:
  1. You decided to use a Microsoft Account (email based logon) when setting it up, instead of a normal local account
  2. You set it up with an email account not belonging to you, with false password
  3. Now Windows does not let you to login with this false email / password combination

OK, I understand you. Of course that is Windows 8's fault, not yours. Have you thought about contacting Microsoft, complaining about these stupid security systems they put in Windows? What kind of operating system does not let users log in with false credentials? Outrageous!

That being said, get your Windows install media ready and reinstall or if you want to make it a bit faster you can just reset the Windows 8 (reset is at least 3 times faster than complete reinstall, basically doing the same thing). To reset it do this (full tutorial here, below a short version):
  1. On login screen showing your false account, click the Shutdown button at bottom right, press and hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and click Restart to open Troubleshooting Options​ (Important: Without pressing the SHIFT key while clicking RESTART Windows simply restarts, without Troubleshooting options):

    Click image for larger version
  2. Select Troubleshoot:

    Click image for larger version
  3. Select Reset your PC:

    Click image for larger version
  4. Follow instructions on screen
  5. When Windows has reset itself, this time create a local account