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Windows 8 special permission loophole

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    Windows 8 special permission loophole

    I own a desktop computer which I share with my 15 yr old son and he seems to be able to access my administrator account using either the guest account or his standard account.
    I'm not sure how he is able to do this

    But I know he is doing this, as I set up family safety on his account and he seems to be able to change it on his own whenever I turn it on his account

    When I check the security settings of some of my folders in the documents library, they grant full control to different groups that are not the default e.g. my own user name and administrators
    It grants full control to groups such as BATCH and SERVICE and CREATOR OWNER
    I dont think I have seen these groups before and I know that I did not make them or grant them access to my accounts

    Also I noticed that he also made multiple local user accounts and then deleted the user so that it just has the account folder in the users folder

    So far to combat this problem, I tried removing the groups and my sons user account from the permissions menu in the security tab of properties. However, he seems to have granted himself special permission as it wont allow me to remove the permission from him as well as having the special permission option greyed out so I cannot click on it

    I checked the user account settings and I am still administrator and the default administrator account is still administrator and my son's account is still a standard account

    Recently I changed my password and the default administrator password and used hidden on all my folders however I think he can still see the folders as he granted access to some of the folders that I used hidden on in my document library but the other folders in my desktop and other libraries have all not been accessed

    So how is my son accessing my account and how can I stop him from doing it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigticket View Post
    So how is my son accessing my account and how can I stop him from doing it?
    It's not my place to tell you how to discipline your son, but if it were my son Dylan it would be a smack upside the head followed by removing his computer privileges.

    On a more constructive note: I would be looking in his account (and yours) for software that you aren't familiar with. I can't think of how else he would be doing it. Unless he uninstalls it after compromising administration?
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Windows 8 special permission loophole
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