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How can I monitor child's use on his own computer?

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    How can I monitor child's use on his own computer?

    I am not the administrator on my high school son's laptop, so it looks like I can't set up and control Family Safety. I want to monitor how much time he spends on the computer, and what he is doing/where he is going. Are there alternatives to Family Safety that would do this?

    Is the best alternative to become the administrator on his computer and force him to use a child account? This won't let him install software, as I understand it. Are there any other limitations with using a child/standard user account?

    Thanks, Jerry

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    You can ask him up front what he is doing. It comes down to trust. If you start locking him down, restricting him from stuff, you lose that trust as a parent.
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    No matter what you do, he'll do it anyway somewhere else if he wants to. I know that my parents couldn't stop me from doing something stupid if I did not trust them that they were absolutely right on that matter and even then I managed to get my life i jeopardy quite a few times let alone on some smaller matter. Racing motorcycles and cars, sky jumping, getting flying license, they never even knew about until I told them years later.
    Now just imagine how a today's teenager, probably more computer savvy than you, can bypass all of your surveillance if he wants too. NSA and CIA will probably know more about he's computer and internet practices than you ever will if you do not have right communication with him. Just remember all the hormones you may have lost since being a kid.
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How can I monitor child's use on his own computer?
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