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Restricted users can "see" non-interactive accounts

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    Restricted users can "see" non-interactive accounts

    This bug has been present in 8 and it is still there in 8.1.

    If the computer has non-interactive user accounts (i.e. accounts listed under "Deny logon locally" in Local Security Policy), these accounts are visible in the "Sign Out/Lock" menu of every regular interactive user on that machine ("regular" in this case means a member of "Users" group, not "Administrators" group).

    Interactive accounts with administrative privileges do not suffer from this problem: their "Sign Out/Lock" menu only lists interactive users, as it should be.

    So, is there any workaround for this issue? Or is there an alternative way to create non-interactive accounts (for network access) so that they will not appear in "Sign Out/Lock" menu of regular users?

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    This tutorial should be what you are looking for

    Sign in - Show All Users or Last User in Windows 8

    Hope this helps !!

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    I read through that post, but I couldn't immediately find anything directly relevant.

    Note that my question is not about the Sign In Screen. My Sign In Screen works perfectly fine: it properly displays interactive users only.

    Meanwhile, my question is about that drop down menu residing in the top right corner of the Start Screen. This one

    Click image for larger version

    When the computer has multiple interactive users, this menu will additionally list the names of those interactive users. (This is how "Switch User" interface is implemented in Windows 8.)

    The problem is that if the current user has administrative privileges, then the menu will show only interactive users (as it should be). But if the current user is an "ordinary" user, then the menu will show all users, including non-interactive ones.

    This is the bug I'm talking about. This is the issue I'd like to work around.
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    I have the same issue and it's a serious problem. Mine goes one step further than your issue though in that only the actual Administrator account (which is turned on as visible) behaves properly. Any other account, including those that are administrators, can see the non-interactive users on the Switch User interface.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MeAndGreen View Post
    Mine goes one step further than your issue though...
    I re-checked how it works in my case and I see the same things you do. Only the built-in Administrator behaves properly. All other accounts (including the ones with administrative privileges) display all users in the list.
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    I removed the Users from the Allow Logon Locally, and then added in just the users I need to be able to login and this did not solve the issue.

    I did check though that when I click the visible username from the switch list, that it takes me to the logon screen that shows only the users allowed to logon locally. That being said, I don't want these usernames visible at all as the users shouldn't know these other accounts exist.
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Restricted users can "see" non-interactive accounts
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