I recently updated to windows 8.1, spend a few hours working on it to find out that the homegroup did not work, troubleshooted that *worked*, made an effort to "initiate" a vpn with my Client (PC2 / Desktop w/ windows 7)

On Host (PC1 / Laptop w/ windows 8.1)

Created incoming connection
Name: Desktop
pass: *********
Domanin: 5021NETWORK

during this "setup" my computer *froze* resulting in a restart, upon restarting my laptop started up per usual, but upon password entry to my account (main administrator) ((only 1 account active "Administrator (me) and Guest (turned off) I kept getting the repeated password of "this password is incorrect. Try again later".

I restarted the computer with the SHIFT + RESTART, and went into the "advanced start up screen"
went to Advanced options --> Cmd ---> it then asked me for an "Administrators password" which I THOUGHT was a lost cause, I kept entering password I currently used and from the past passwords, I got frustrated and just pressed enter and it accepted it.

from CMD
<cdm> net user adminitrator /access: yes
this worked correctly

I figured i would try to "unlock" the hidden admin password to go to users and debug the error with the password issue, but the cmd DID NOT create the hidden admin account..

i ended up refreshing the laptop only to be faced with the same issue of NOT being able to sign in to my account due to password errors...

can anyone give me some advice to try out?!?!