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Added user account Windows does not create user profile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clawinus View Post
    Yes, I tried a system restore: same error.

    The PC came with Windows 8. I have installed the upgrade to 8.1.

    Probably I should now try the system recovery from the D: drive?
    Maybe you can first try the SFC and DISM options.

    If that doesn't work than Yes, System Recovery is what i would do.(see tutorial)
    This will bring your system back to factory state, is Windows 8.

    I suggest you make all the standard user profiles you want use in windows 8 before upgrading again to windows 8.1.
    Hope this will work for you.

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    I did reset the Windows 8 from the recovery partition D.
    Then I recreated the used IDs, all worked. Then I installed Windows 8.1
    and tried the user IDs again, they still work, very good.

    Thanks for staying with me through this issue.

    One more question;
    before starting the system recovery I was asked whether I would like to backup
    my files. I did. Now they are sitting on an external HD.
    What process do I use to transfer them back to their old places?
    I recreated exactly the same user IDs I had working previously.
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    I assume you used the HP Recovery Manager.
    Here you can find the manual How to Restore Backup Files Created During system restore

    Restoring Files that were Backed Up Using HP Recovery Manager (Windows 8) HP Pavilion p7-1490 Desktop PC | HP® Support
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    Thanks for the link how to restore the files. I have them back.

    Still have issues with Windows 8.1:

    After I re-install as admin user the Programs wiped off by System Reset some of them
    I cannot access from the non-admin users, examples Skype, Dropbox.
    in the case of Skype I had to install the program three times, once for each of my three users.

    Windows stops the antivirus Internet security program. As soon as I install the
    antivirus program and open it, a notification shows up indication the the antivirus
    programs are off. The botton to turm them on is inactive. It does not do anything.

    I treid this with Norton Internet Security and wit Kaspersky Internet security.

    Sould I open these issues as separate Threads?
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    I would do that, so your questions get more attention.
    Also the different members all have their own expertise.
    So you have a greater change for a answer or solution.


    I will also try to find some answers.
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    Windows 8.1

    I have opened another thread on the issue of permit for users to use programs.

    Fortunately, the problem of Windows turning off Antivirus and Internet Security has disappeared after
    re-Installing Kaspersky Internet Security twice.

    Again, many thanks for your help
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Added user account Windows does not create user profile
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