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Lag when changing users

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    Lag when changing users

    Hey folks,

    Have my account and my wife's at home computer. Home build, excellent hardware, all updated and tuned in (as far as I can tell). Lately, when switching between accounts have been experiencing a 20 to 30 second lag before any response from any program. Example, I log in to my account, I click on is a wait before response. In fact, if I click again before I get a response two instances of mail, or two browsers or any program comes up. It has not always been like this and, occasionally, it syncs in all programs as soon I log on.


    Grateful for input


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    Hi bunny slippers,

    Your initial description of your issue would lead one to believe the lag only happens when you attempt to switch users; however, your subsequent description (slow email and browser responses) leads me to believe you have a general slowdown of sorts. Now, the double appearances is probably coming from a subsequent click to try and get the first request to respond and your rig eventually processes "two" requests. Anyway, you might want to start off by disabling all unnecessary startup programs to see if any background processes are causing a bit of resource hogging. This can be easily done (and undone) in your Win 8.1 task manager:

    Click image for larger version

    Other opinions and suggestions will surely follow.

    Good luck,

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Lag when changing users
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