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Should I dread MS's new MS account oriented direction.

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    Should I dread MS's new MS account oriented direction.

    I have an iPad and a iPhone and understand that Microsoft wants to head Windows in that direction with their accounts/apps, but
    I have TB's of files I do not want anywhere near a cloud. I suppose if Microsoft, more likely the NSA, want access to that they could always backdoor it, but at least for Microsoft I do not see that in the future. However, I dread more and more of the "good" features will only become accessible via a Microsoft accounts & apps as the future versions of Windows evolve. This isn't an issue on my iOS devices for next several generations because I would not keep or use my TB's of data on one.

    These is also my dread at the whole touch UI oriented direction. I hope they kepp up with the mouse/keyboard for awhile since I have a 27" 98% Adobe RGB, non-touch, display that I don't have any desire to replace. At least with a touch one. Doing long sessions with content creation and manipulation I don't want my display covered with smudges like a tablet. I also do not see the benefit of constantly reaching my arm straight out to interface with that large display. Maybe a 2nd touch display for touch UI would remove my smudge concerns, but still not address the straight (angled) arm issue. Hopefully they'll keep a desktop, mouse/keyboard, oriented option open (forever?).

    Doesn't anyone else on this forum have these or other concerns with being forcibly (I know the I can cutoff 1 leg and still walk analogy) lead down the Microsoft account path?

    PS I'm using a separate secondary pc to back in and get more familiar with Windows 8.?
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    I do not, and this is why.

    Chrome has the cloud based computers. Microsoft advertises that its computers do not need internet to work. Companies create HDD and SSD storage space. If a major shift happened to the cloud, many companies would be angry and lose money. It would serve no purpose.

    The cloud is only for people who would like to use it. It is not mandatory, and wont be in the near future. If cloud becomes the standard, there will still be options and methods for storing on devices in home. USB doesn't look like it is leaving any time soon (USB3).

    As with the MS accounts, I see nothing wrong with them. Most people have at least a google account, or MS account. Are you afraid of registering with a company as a privacy issue? The government has the ability to find you with ease. Top hackers get caught all the time, so how do you think you can make out if such an event occurred? But the government isn't interested in you, and you have rights. To ensure the rights are kept, vote into office people who are concerned about citizen privacy. Usually, those people are conservatives, but not all of their viewpoints may be what you value. So it becomes the lesser of two evils.

    Not to say liberals do not value privacy, but the laws they enact usually don't lol
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Should I dread MS's new MS account oriented direction.
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