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Why do I have to reinput my password after logon?

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    windows 8.1

    Why do I have to reinput my password after logon?

    When I log on to windows 8.1 for me to access anything apps or even the internet it requires me to sign in again or fo to settings and verify, why is this?
    I am a bit of a dinosaur, I was a computer operator back in 1974 on a giant ICL mainframe and over the years was trained to always work as a standard user with the admin user there for elevation etc. So having only an admin account on my machine doesn't quite feel right!
    The other thing I don't understand is that my account is my email address but under users it is listed as albea_000, is this because windows explorer can't list an email account as a 'user'.
    Any info would be helpfull
    Thank you

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, albear.

    Kind of odd. So as I have this straight. You sign into your PC with and Microsoft administrative account?

    So far as Windows Explorer. It is now called File Explorer. Concerning account names listed in files:

    What is the actual username of win 8 user?
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    windows 8.1

    I log in as user albear****@*********.com which is also my logon for microsoft live. I would have expected this to be my 'user name' in 'users' in file explorer. But the name in users is albea_ooo it would appear win 8.1 has substituted it? I am the only user on the machine.
    I have had huge problems with my machine for ages, this is a clean install with nothing installed but kaspersky but when I ran an sfc scan it reported files that were corrupt and could not be fixed. I ran DMIS and that reported corruptions but fixed them I ran both again with the same result and at the third time the sfc scan reported no corruptions. I bet if I ran it now it would!.
    My machine takes ages to shut down which is when I suspect the corruption occurs. I tried using the tutorial waittokill app but had no such registry entry! My machine is 'optimised' and I have deleted system files.
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    Nice top-end laptop you have there. Sorry to hear/read you're having so many problems. “I have had huge problems with my machine for ages” meaning since the installation of 8.1 or prior OSs also?

    I take it this is a clean install from an ISO acquired via TechNet or MSDN?

    I have no idea why 8.1 would substitute “albea_ooo” for your email name. Go to Control Panel (icons view) > Credentials Manager > Choose "Windows credential" box > Expand "MicrosofrAccountuser". What's it looking like there? (Screenshot below)

    Concerning long shut downs; I noticed some times my machine takes a longer time to do so more than 8 did. I think it is installing Modern/Metro Store apps updates at times. In 8 we would see these notifications on the Store tiles to update manually, but in 8.1 this is automatic. No knowledge of 8.1 doing so or lack of a report or compilation as we have in Windows Update is one thing I don’t like about 8.1.

    I’ve noticed that 8.1 is not partial to 3rd party AV. Not saying it won’t work, but it seems those that have them have more problems. Please keep in mind that is a personal observation. I would consider uninstalling and using Defender. At least for a while until the system is stable.

    I was reading your specs and a red flag went up when I read this:

    [/QUOTE]Vostro 3750 laptops use a high-performance NVidia video card for graphics-intensive tasks. When it detects that you require less power, it automatically switches the visually smart Intel integrated HD graphics.[/QUOTE]

    There must be a Dell program or special driver that regulates this feature? If so, is it installed?

    I hope this, at least, helps you out a little.

    Click image for larger version
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Why do I have to reinput my password after logon?
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