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Local Account/microsoft account

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    Local Account/microsoft account

    Wanted to ask for upside and downside of changing my local/admin account to a Microsoft account. I don't understand other than being able to go into the Microsoft store.

    I am seriously considering dumping 8.1 and installing 7 to match my desktop. This is a recent install on a laptop.
    Pain in the butt so far!!

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    Hi there Needlenoses and welcome to Eight Forums!

    If I understand your question correctly you want to know the difference between a local account and a 'Microsoft account'.

    Well... first of all. You will need you Microsoft account to sign in at the App store before you can download any apps. This however does not mean that you must use the Microsoft account to sign in at your computer. You can still do that with a local account.

    When signing in with a local account all the information is stored locally on your pc. Just as in the 'old' days. When signing in with a Microsoft Account some information is being stored in the cloud. That way, when you logon onto another Windows 8 device, you get the same experience everywhere. That is the main difference between the two ways to sign in.

    I.e. I use the Microsoft account to sign in. So weather or not I am using my Surface or my Desktop....I have the same settings on both devices automaticaly. As well as the same Start etc. I like that :-).

    These two tutorials should provide some more interesting information:
    Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 8

    Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8


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Local Account/microsoft account
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