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hotmail/outlook can't process my Windows 8 E-Mail account

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    hotmail/outlook can't process my Windows 8 E-Mail account

    Hi. I have a similar problem. I don't have a Microsoft account, I don't want one. My Windows 8 E-Mail address is for the E-Mail account on the family webserver, and yet when I get the confirmation E-Mail, it links me to a hotmail/outlook login page.

    hotmail/outlook can't process my Windows 8 E-Mail account, how do I get past this aggravating obstacle?

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    When Win 8 asks you to verify your account, it shows you your email address in one box with some of the characters replaced by *s and wants you to type in the email address in its entirety in another box. Once you do that, an email is sent to that address with a code for you to enter to verify.

    There shouldn't be any confusion about which email address to enter unless you have 2 different but very similar email addresses.
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    That's not exactly what's happening in my case. They ARE sending a verification E-Mail to the account I specified, they ask me to click on a verification link, and when I do so, I get landed at the Hotmail/Outlook login screen.

    It's insisting that i complete this step beffore I can skype, yet I can run any other application. this makes me especially nervous, as my skype account is not associated with any hotmail/outlook accounts.
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    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
    I hope these appear bigger in view than when I was editing / uploading the message. The image on the left is the E-Mail I get from Microsoft. Clicking on the Blue box takes me to the image on the right. Signing into Hotmail with my non hotmail account's credz (unsurprisingly) is unsuccessful.
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    Hello Win8Sefferer, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    When you setup and register an account with any Microsoft service (ex: Skype), you are actually setting up a Microsoft account. All Microsoft services use a Microsoft account so that you are able to use the same Microsoft account with all services.

    When you get to the Sign in screen after verifying, you would need to sign in with the same email address that you just verified from.
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    Skype supports 3 types of authentication, of which Microsoft Account (I suppose this is the old Microsoft Passport) is just one. The second is logging in by Skype username, and the third is Facebook ID. I've been using Skype for years using my Skype username. Does Windows 8 want me to erase that account and start over?

    I'll try setting up a Microsoft Account, and maybe I can bind that to my existing Skype account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Win8Sufferer View Post
    I'll try setting up a Microsoft Account.
    If you login to Windows 8 with an email address, then you already have a Microsoft Account.

    Note this may not be outlook or hotmail, it could be or whatever, and you can still login to the second screenshot using that, but the password will be whatever you use to sign into Windows 8 (which may be different to the password you use with the same account on gmail (or whatever)).
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    Hey everyone.

    Thanks for your help, I've figured it out. Windows 8 forces you to use MS passport (or whatever they're calling it now) whenever it can. I had a working login to Skype, Windows 8 would not let me use Skype until I'd created a MS (or whatever they're calling it now) account, given them my date of birth, personal E-Mail account, home address + phone number. Only then was I allowed to open the Skype app, where I then had to enter my Skype account name + password, which is now bound in with my MS passport account.

    So, 2 days of wasted time because Microsoft wants to revive a failed idea. Thanks everyone for your help, I hope this is the only hoop Windows 8 forces me to jump through.

    What's everyone's impression of this OS overall? Has anyone multi-booted it with Ubuntu Linux?
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hotmail/outlook can't process my Windows 8 E-Mail account
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