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Corrupt Microsoft Account

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    Corrupt Microsoft Account

    Have recently done a clean reinstallation on an SSD of W8.1 including Media.
    The installation completed without problems and all is working as before except....
    Wanting to download an item from the STORE I found my password was not accepted.
    I then created an Alias to gain access to my account. this informed me I needed to put in my password to change it which of course was not possible.
    System and Security advised to turn on updated latest Password, but this only applied to my new alias, so I deleted
    my original account hoping I would then be able to use my new Alias....again not possible.
    Three more Alias Accounts and numerous Codes by phone and e-mail again failed.
    Filling in forms giving all my accumulated password confirmed all was legit.
    Trying once again to gain access to my account informed there was no such account.

    The only Way I can see to solve this problem is when opening Store and trying to download an item a strip appears
    showing with my "original e-mail registration" and below a space for my password.
    Is it possible to change this "e-mail registration" to a new ALIAS thereby allowing me to use a new password

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    Hello Dencal,

    Double check to see which Microsoft account you signed in to the Store with.
    If that doesn't help, then see if switching your account to be a local account, then switch it back to a Microsoft account using the last email address and password you changed it to. Hopefully this will toggle it to work again.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thank you for the links....unfortunately in W8.1 Settings no longer lists Users or Accounts, at least not on my computer.
    Have followed up your other link suggesting "make changes to your user account".
    Again it is impossible because as an administrator I need to have a password to change accounts which as already explained my computer rejects all passwords and even denies my original e-mail setup.
    It is possible to do this if I give up being the Administrator, but as the only user this would be a retrograde step.
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    Had the luck to stumble upon a link in this forum entitled "Microsoftaccounts.diagcab".
    This finally allowed me to gain entry into my account data and also to edit.
    Strangely using the same password in Store was again rejected.
    Decided to delete Account which I was now able to do.
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    I'm happy to hear that you got it sorted.

    Here's the link for the Microsoft Account Troubleshooter for anyone else that may need it.

    Microsoft Accounts Troubleshooter in Windows 8
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Corrupt Microsoft Account
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