Hi Everyone,

running into a little issue when deploying Windows 8.1 to a laptop with fingerprint software, not really an issue, more of a behavior I wish to fix up.

After deploying Windows 8.1 to the laptop, it is joined to the domain during SCCM deployment, the fingerprint software gets installed during SCCM deployment too. When it finishes and gets the lock screen/login screen it is defaulting to sign-in with Microsoft Account (Email address and Password field) Sign-in options below allow me to select domain/local account or Fingerprint option.

I want to be able to default to sign-in with domain/local account not Microsoft email account, is this possible? If I don't install the fingerprint software it defaults to sign-in option of domain/local user which is what I'm after.

Can you someone shed some lights onto this issue please?


PS. will throw up screen dumps of what is happening soon