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Need Help Removing Live ID From Windows 8 Store

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    Need Help Removing Live ID From Windows 8 Store

    I hope I've put this in the right area of the forum. If not, please forgive me (and move this as you see fit).

    I'll try to explain this to the best of my ability, please bear with me through the explanation. When I first started this job I was the first user on a new PC with Windows 8. I was asked to set up a Skype account which I did by creating a new Windows Live e-mail since I didn't want to use my personal one for business. I had continual problems with some conflict (I never found but believe it was caused by Skydrive) that caused my Live account to continuously need a password reset. After much frustration I set up a Skype direct account and closed the Live account.

    Today I tried to go into the Windows Store to download an app and it's still asking me to log-in with the old, closed Live account. I have literally been sitting here for an hour and a half trying to find a way to log-in to the store with a different user and e-mail. There is nothing. I tried Microsoft live chat support which was really no support at all. I printed out and tried the instructions I found on this site for signing in with a different Microsoft account but it doesn't work as nowhere am I given the option on the screen to sign in with a different account. It shows my Live account with no option to change to another and a password box with the message that too many attempts were made to log-in blah blah blah reset the password. But, the account is closed so this is impossible to do (yes, I even tried that method but it tells me my account is closed ugh).

    Click image for larger version

    Microsoft's instructions to do this by managing user accounts does not work as there is no user account on this PC associated with that e-mail address. I log in daily with a local administrator account and the only other account is Guest. I log in to Skype with a Skype (not Live) account. I log into Outlook e-mail with a business/local e-mail account. The Skydrive account is also no longer used as we switched to Dropbox.

    I tried doing the instructions to clear the Windows Store cache (run>wsreset.exe) but that did nothing to remove this account.

    I'm at my wits end and I've googled so many dead ends I'm about to pull my hair out. If anyone has any information about how to remove an e-mail account associated with the store, that is no longer a valid/open e-mail account, I would forever be grateful.

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    Hello RJUCPU, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    If you like, you could add a new local administrator account, sign in to it, and should be able to sign in to the Store with the Microsoft account you wanted instead.

    Windows Store - Sign in with Different Microsoft Account in Windows 8

    Once everything checks out in the new account, you could delete the old local account.

    Hope this helps,
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    Hi Shawn, thank you for the reply.

    I'm not sure I can (or want to) change the local administrator sign-on as this is a company computer and they might not like that it's changed. I'm not certain that would resolve the error anyway. The local administrator sign-on is not a Microsoft account and it's also not the same as the username the store is logging in with, or trying to anyway.

    That's the thing. The account that the store is trying to use isn't associated with anything else on this computer and hasn't been for months. From what you have suggested, wouldn't that basically be the same as what's happening now?

    Please forgive me if I'm missing something. This whole issue just has me frustrated beyond belief.
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    The thinking would be that since it's a new user account, you would be able to sign in that account's Store with the Microsoft account you wanted instead since the new account's Store wouldn't be locked like the other account's Store currently is.
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    Oh, I see, thank you. I'll give that a try and report back!


    Okay so I went in as you suggested and did "add user" using the Microsoft Live account associated with the old Skydrive (but still active). I then logged in with that account and went to the store. It didn't bring back up the old e-mail and it did allow me to download the app I was wanting. Everything worked fine.

    I went out, switched the User back to the local account and signed back in to Windows the same way I normally do. Now when I go into the store it asks me to sign in (with whatever account I want). The original Live account appears to have purged thankfully!

    THANK YOU!!! Soooo very much. I don't know how this worked, I don't fully understand it, but I don't care. I have the ability to get into the Windows Store and I still have my original local (company) log-in.

    Now maybe I can relax a bit
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Need Help Removing Live ID From Windows 8 Store
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