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Please help me get my account/login/credentials back!!!

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    Please help me get my account/login/credentials back!!!

    I'm not going to go off on a long tirade about how much I hate Windows 8. I just need to be able to use my regular/old account.

    So, anyway, this past weekend I setup a couple account to use SQL Server to run SSIS projects. I created a new User profile. Great. It works. Great. Now, I'm locked out of my normal/regular/old account.

    It keeps asking me for a password, but there is none. I want o delete the new account that I created and go back to my original/old/working account. Please help!! I need to access my computer now. I don't even know where I am right now. Some kind of new account profile...I guess...


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    Ha! After rebooting Windows 8 about 10-12 times, it just magically works. Nice one!! There is NO PASSWORD WHATSOEVER ON THIS ACCOUNT. It kept prompting me for a password. I told it 10+ times there is NO PASSWORD WHATSOEVER. Joust like magic, it worked.

    Gotta love it.

    I work as an asset manager. I rely on randomness in the capital markets to generate returns. That's fine. I can control the stock market. It's normal. What I don't want is randomness on my computer. If I enter 1+1, I'd like to see a 2 as a result. I don't really want to see 375 as a result. Nevertheless, that's what I get from Windows 8. Gotta love the randomness of Windows 8!!!!! Maybe tomorrow the sky will be blue, or maybe it will be pink like an elephant. I guess anything is possible in Windows-8-world!!!
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Please help me get my account/login/credentials back!!!
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