I am not 100% sure what I have done but I am stuck and need some help here.
I have been working to get my new windows 8 install setup to my liking. I had a user that I created when installing. I also have a microsoft account that I created while installing.

Everything was working fine except I was trying to find a way for it to not have to enter passwords when logging in. I followed a guide( not sure which) and successfully made that happen. I ran into a problem when I restarted and tried to launch an app shortcut from the start screen. It asked for my admin password but had no where to type it in.

I found this forum and followed this guide Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8 option 2. This made it so I could login as admin but now my other user is missing. It doesnt even show my user anywhere. If I run software in admin all my settings are gone from my local account.

I am just so confused with the local, microsoft and admin users switching around I dont know how to fix it now.

My end goal is to have a user account(dont care if local or microsoft) and boot up without password being needed.

Can someone please help me figure this out? Huge thanks in advance!