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How to make my account the "true" administrator account?

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    How to make my account the "true" administrator account?

    ok here's my problem
    my friend gave him a brand new pc with windows 8 installed as a gift
    but he had previously set himself up as the administrator upon start up

    so then i had him make another account for me
    and made me the administrator
    and after all that's done, i deleted his account.

    but now even though my account type is administrator,
    i can't even alter or save any documents in my c drive
    as everytime i tried to do that it prompts me saying i don't have the right
    to do such things because i'm not the administrator.

    please help, this is driving me crazy.

    ok sorry i should rephrase,
    i can't alter or save documents or create new documents
    "in my c drive folder"
    to be exact
    other documents can be as long as they're in sub folders under c drive

    this is the part driving me crazy

    and i don't even know if it is because of the situation aforementioned
    in my previous post.

    sorry for the confusion, but still need some professional help,
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    Hello Mastachao, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    This was the same in Windows 7 as well.

    This is a security feature of Windows to protect it's system files and folders from being tampered with to prevent making Windows unstable.

    Nothing can be saved from an external source directly into a Windows system folder. Instead, you need to save it to one of your user folders (ex: Desktop or Downloads), then save it into a system folder if you like and approve (UAC prompt) doing so.

    For what you are wanting to do, it would be best to keep your documents either in your Documents library or "C:\Users\(user-name)\Documents" folder instead. This way you will not have any access rights issues.

    Hope this helps,
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    ok i see, thanks for the quick response!!

    basically, you're saying i'm still the administrator and sole user
    and my friend's account no longer exists and is not hiding in the darkness
    as a secret administrator, right?

    i guess i'll just find somewhere else to save the documents

    thank you
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    Unless you deleted your friend's account, it will still be there as well as your account.

    The Document library is a good place to save them if you like.
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How to make my account the "true" administrator account?
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