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8.1 Upgrade: Want to get rid of the Microsoft Account

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    8.1 Upgrade: Want to get rid of the Microsoft Account

    As many others, I completed the 8.1 upgrade from 8.0 and used a Microsoft account to do so (pi$$es me off to see later how MS 'hid' the option to retain your prior account to get you to use theirs). So now I have the upgrade but have to use the Microsoft account logon, which I don't want to do. Further, for some reason the Miscrosoft account had the name Jenni Ellesburg associated to it for some reason (no idea, not my name and I didn't do it) and now my default folder and account references all say Jenni. And I am a male, wonderful.

    I know you can create a local account but that requires referencing all the programs back into 'Start', reconfiguring the desktop which is now blank, and going through the whole MS outlook setup from scratch (ugh!), etc. How can I easily take the setup that was ported for the Microsoft account during the update and change that into a local account and pick up right where I left off in Win 8 (without having to do all the additional setup described above)?


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    I'm baffled to the account name switch....never heard of/seen that happen before. I can only come up with 2 explanations; 1. you're not the original owner of the PC or 2. This PC has been hijacked/taken over....compromised to say the least.

    In either case, if this were my PC, I would clean install with 8 inputting the correct user information and then update to 8.1 thus making sure all old user info and infections are completely gone. This would be the easiest solution IMO, rather than spending countless hours/days trying to figure out what happened and looking for a way to undo what's be done.
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    Thanks for the reply, let me clarify as I think there's a possible misunderstanding.

    - I bought the Vivotab in the past 4-5 months, configured the account under my name
    - I had previously created a Microsoft online account with my name / details for posting other prior issues on the Microsoft forums. At some point from the initial creation to the 8.1 upgrade the name changed from mine to Jenni E
    - When I did the 8.1 upgrade and provided my correct MS credentials (username / email / passoword) it connected to the online account and pulled down the other details (like the Jenni name) and used that to set up the default account and folders
    - When I saw this I logged directly back onto my MS account and changed the name to mine, but by then it was too late for the 8.1 upgrade.

    But again my main concern is to go back to the original account / setup / configurations that I was using prior to the upgrade, and get rid of the MS account. If others have ideas please let me know, thanks
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    The MS account is logged in by associated email address, not by name- At least mine is, I've had the account since 1997 or so. So there may be someone with a similar name, but uses a different email address to log in to MS. Does your MS account require a password to access it, or a user name?

    I have noticed, my Login "Name" changes, has changed a lot in the last 6 months. Originally, it showed up as "XweA Ponx", as first and last "name". But they added features to the account, where I could shoose a screen name as well as adding my real name in there. For a while my system was logging in as "XweAponX PonX" now it is just "XweAponX"

    Sounds like you got stuck in the middle of one of these changes but you should still be able to choose what screen name and real name you want as well as any other details.

    You can always make a new MS account with the details you want. Does 8.1 allow you to switch to a local account?
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    Microsoft flubbed this as far as I am concerned.

    When you get to the screen where it wants to confirm your username/password, it puts you over to a screen to logon with an MS account. If you don't want to, you can click on Create Account at the bottom, then on the next screen, there is a link at the bottom that says, "Continue to use your local account".

    This gets you through the upgrade, and doesn't require the MS account.
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    I prefer to use local tutorials when possible. Missed that one, thanks. Shawn's usual excellence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    I prefer to use local tutorials when possible. Missed that one, thanks. Shawn's usual excellence.
    I agree. He is the best at his trade IMHO!
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    Sorry for the late response, been out of pocket the past couple of days. Will look at this tonight and give it a shot. Thanks for the recommendations!
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8.1 Upgrade: Want to get rid of the Microsoft Account
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