I'm getting crazy.
I cannot "sign in" to my Microsoft account (myrname@outlook.com) from the programs and the store.
For example, if I open Word 2013, and if I try to sign in I can input my email, then my password. Then I don't receive any message but I neither sign in too.
Same thing for other programs that require to sign in (SkyDrive, Exce, OneNote...).
Same thing for the Windows Store.

The account credential are ok and I can sign in to my account from, say, a browser. I can also check my email with my email client program.

The crazy thing is that sometimes (sporadically) the "sign in" attempt succeeds and I can sign also from within those programs in (as I should do always).

I don't want to re-install W8 or make a refresh. I've already done that and I lost all my program settings (about 60 programs). It took a whole day to restore my system completely but the problem wasn't solved.

I'm using a local account (with admin privileges) with no password set.
If I try to change my user account type and switch to a microsoft account I can insert the microsoft account and the password, but at the last stage ("You have almost finished changing your account...") after I press the "Finish" button, I receive a "very nice" error message:
"We are sorry but something went wrong. Your account wasn't changed to this Microsoft account.

What really gets me crazy is that in rare occasions I can sign in (say from some Office program).

Any help?