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Windows 8 Deleted user account files will not delete.

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    Windows 8 Deleted user account files will not delete.

    Hello, i have been using windows 8 for just about a week now. I have made a new admin local account and have deleted the old admin local account but when i go into C:/Users the deleted user account files are still there. When i go to delete these files, a message comes up telling me that i don't have the permission to delete these files. I have read online and searched alot but came across no fix. I have tried turning of windows features, then i tried deleting the files through command prompt using rd /s /q but still no luck. I tried this method using safe mode command prompt but still no luck.

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    Please help!
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    Have you tried Taking Ownership of the folder C:\Users\{UserYouDeleted} ?
    Take Ownership of a File, Folder, Drive, or Registry Key in Windows 8
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    Yes i have tried this method but it don't work.
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    I did notice from the Tutorial thread that someone has an issue where Option Three (Step 2) worked better for them.

    But if it's not that then I don't know. Hopefully someone else will come along who does.

    It may help them if you could post screenshot(s) of the error messages you're getting?
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    Okay Thankyou anyway
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    Hi, I'm not usual in this forum, I actually found you by accident looking for a solution to the same problem depicted here.

    But since I have been able to fix this I want to contribute a little with all of you and share my solution, a combination of tasks indicated here and some others.

    (To grant currently logged on user ownership of)
    takeown /F "full path of folder or drive" /R /D Y

    (To grant administrators group ownership of)
    takeown /F "full path of folder or drive" /A /R /D Y

    Reboot system.


    1. Go to UnwantedUser folder
    2. Options ... Change Folder Options ... View Tab ... select Show Hiddened Files and Folders and uncheck Hidden System files.
    3. Then go deep into the hidden AppData folder within the unwanted user folder and delete all the subfolders ― starting with the lowest level foler
    4. Delete the unwanted folder.
    5. In case the folder contains files with ridiculously long names (it happened to me) stard command line as Admin and delete the folder not from the explorer but from the cmd this way: RD /S /Q "Full Path of Folder"
    6. Select Hidden hidden files and check Hidden System files in Folder Options ... View Tab ...
    7. Enjoy your flawless victory.

    I really hope it help, greetings.

    PS. All this actions were made as Administrator, activating the account this way:
    Running cmd as administrator in ANY account with high privileges you can type:
    net user administrator /active:yes
    Then, when you have created another account in order to use it (considering that you have deleted an account and that's why are you here), you can deactivate it typing this:
    net user administrator /active:no.

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Windows 8 Deleted user account files will not delete.
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