This is my first post. I'm desparate...I really really hope somone here can help me! I have Win 8 basic (so no gpedit at my disposal). I need to let some students use this machine and log in to the guest account. I want to use this account so that users cannot save to the desktop, and I want the browser settings to be totally cleared for the next user.

I tried using the task scheduler to run a .bat to force log off after inactivity. But I can only get it to work with my administrator account.

I also tried pointing the task scheduler to Karen's Show Stopper (KSS) to log it off. Again, it will not work!

Can task schedular be used with the guest account? (BTW, i put the .bat file and KSS .lnk file in windows/task folder.)

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can make this work?