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User Accounts and keeping same desktop and start menu?

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    User Accounts and keeping same desktop and start menu?

    I have searched in the tutorial and in the forums for the answer to this question but have not found it. Forgive me if it is there and I missed it. I think my question is a simple one, however, so please help if you can.

    I am using windows 8 on an HP desktop computer. I created 2 users (same computer). What I would like to do is have both users have the same desktop files and start menu between the two. For example the first one I created has a bunch of folders I put on the desktop recovered from my old computer, but when I log on with the other account they are not there. I also installed ms office on my computer with the first user- but it is not available to the other one.

    Is there a way to link these 2 so I can still have different logins but access the same files?

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    One way is to navigate through your computer C:\users\[username you want to copy from]\desktop

    copy those shortcuts to the desktop that is missing those icons.

    Its easier if you login to the user that is missing the shortcuts, and then copy the files from the above path.

    You can drop them directly to your desktop, make sure you use the right click to copy, and not drag to move.

    As far as MS Office not being in your other users, it may be a result of when you installed it it may have asked if you wanted to install to current user only or all users, you may have set to current user only or there were no other users at the time.

    Check your [start menu] [all programs] it should be there.
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    Thanks! I will give those tips a try.
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User Accounts and keeping same desktop and start menu?
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