Hello there!

I installed Windows 8 Pro, 64 bit several months ago and I'm pretty happy with it, in general. For daily use, I just log in to Windows 8 with my domain account from work ([DOMAINNAME]\[ACCOUNTNAME]). Because of certain domain policies (don't ask me which, I really don't know!) I was unable to install .NET Framework 3.5: Windows would complain that it couldn't find the files and it would cancel the download.
Installing the framework from DVD didn't work, either. Using an account that wasn't on the domain (while keeping my domain account on the computer), didn't work either. So, I followed the tip of a colleague:
1. leave the domain
2. install .NET FX 3.5
3. rejoin the domain.

To be on the safe side, I created a new, local account will full administrator rights so that if something went wrong somewhere, I would still have an accessible system.

Well, the first two steps have worked. The third... not so much. As soon as I moved the domain account to some random work group and rebooted, the account simply wasn't available anymore (like one of those big tiles). I can't log in with it, it's not available in the tab 'Users' when typing 'netplwiz', nor in lusrmgr. I can't log in to an alternate domain anymore, either.

I changed the doman through the 'System Properties' window, in the 'Computer name' tab. I clicked 'Edit...', changed the radio button to 'Work group' and entered some name, rebooted when prompted.

All of the files of the account are there, it's just as if the account itself has been completely removed from Windows 8. Does anyone here have any idea how I can restore the account? It's mostly for convenience, as it has my desktop shortcuts and the tiles in a certain way.

Thanks in advance!