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Attempt to disable login failed

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    Attempt to disable login failed

    I have attempted to remove the login by following directions to a screen that has a list of users and a checkbox that says user must enter username & password.
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    I can only remove it from the third item on the list. It doesn't fix the windows 8 login problem.. I have tried selecting the other 2 on the list, I can't select them I have tried everything I can think of, nothing works.

    I think if I could get to the second one, it also may fix a problem I have in my Comcast email area which refuses to save my password login there, even though cookies are enabled, and I have tried to select "save password" a million times.. I am in password hell at work, now I am being forced to be in password hell at home..
    Extra problem is that the password they want me to have is something I set up to match my work password at the Microsoft forums.. It was about six months back, later my company forced me to add one more forced item of a capital letter, so my work password has a changed capital letter to it.. I can't change my home password, because MS sees a change of just a capital letter as "not good enough".. So I am constantly typing in my work password to get an error, then at work I am starting now to forget to capitalize.. It is insane.. I swear the more people force password requirements on you the more insecure you get as you have to start writing them all down.

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    windows 8

    Well I will have to restore from the saved system backup.. Trying to kick the password in, somehow corrupted the userID system. This is some of the things I tried, until I broke it.

    I figured out that I could not choose a different item on the list unless I put back the force password on the helpLibrary icon.. From reading I found that even though my userID was the Admin account it wasn't reflecting it on this account. I fiddled around try to get the Admin to show up on my userID, creating another userID for admin, then removing admin from my real account, then putting it back on.. Did nothing.. Then I found that I could get Admin on it through the UsersAccount, where there was a place (I think in advanced, but maybe under properties) where I could choose Administrator..

    I then found out that no matter how many times I tried to uncheck the user that was admin, when I went out and came back in the unchecked item was forced to be only that of the helpLibrary..

    I then tried the second user ID account I had created.. It after playing in that one, I finally got it to save the uncheck of the UserID that was my real account.. I thought I did it, but actually it now in the list pictured above that my real account was still there, but, my temp account would not let me switch users back to it because it did not think I had any other user profile.. When you went to the control panel and look, my reall user profile was no longer listed, just my temp one and guest.. When I tried to readd it, it said it could not readd it as it was already set in the system.

    For the temp account, I now couldn't pull off the password either as no matter what I do my real user profile would not reset the check onto it, so that I could try to uncheck this on the temp user profile.. So even on the temp profile I am stuck with the password, although this one does match my work password.

    So today I restore.. Good thing I have only installed one or two programs since the backup.. I now understand why windows 8 is so hated, and a new Windows will soon come out reverting back to similar to Windows 7.. I hope allowing us to manage our own passwords will be a part of that fix.
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Attempt to disable login failed
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