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Weird happenings

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    Weird happenings

    Ok, it's probably not so weird. I'm sure somebody knows exactly why this is happening. Here's the deal. I did a clean install of windows 8. More than once this has happened. I formatted the hard drive, deleting all partitions, using a windows 7 disk. Then, using a windows 8 disk, I went into the advanced tools, command prompt, once again deleted and cleaned all partitions using diskpart, formatted the single partition on the drive, did a clean install of windows 8, started up IE, and BAM, my favorites are already there without having to import them. Most of my settings as well. There are no hidden or recovery partitions, I've made sure of this. I'm installing from disk, not from an image. How in the hell is this possible. I've been working with windows installations since pretty much version 3.5 so I'm not green but this has me baffled. Any insights? Thanks.

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    You must be using a Microsoft account. So your favorites get synced along with other stuff. Settings: Win+W - sync

    P.S. The thread title sucks...
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    I agree with what Vadikan said above. If you chose to set up a Microsoft user account instead of a local user account, your personal settings from another device/previous Win8 installation/etc. will be 'restored/synced' to what is stored in the MS 'cloud repository'. Though it takes time to complete the syncing process, your internet connection speed will play a factor on how soon it could be fully updated.
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    Hello darkbreeze,

    In addition to the above:

    Sync Your Settings - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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    Thanks, that explains it, and, sorry about the thread title, it seemed appropriate at the time, of course, at two in the morning with about fifteen cups of coffee in me, it would.
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    No worries darkbreeze.
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Weird happenings
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