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Microsoft Account?

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    Microsoft Account?

    Dumb rookie on board! I am a less than a 24-hours old user of a new laptop with Windows 8 + Touch Screen. My frustration level is quite high as even minor things are a pain; I migrated to 8 from XP Pro. I hope you guys can answer this silly question....

    Be warned though. On a scale of 1-10, I am a 0.0001 with regards of being able to do anything on this PC. I like the touch feature; I dislike having to do anything because I do not know how to do anything yet and do not understand all terms & what triggers some weird actions-responses. But I am too tired of looking around (already went to the tutorials)... all that is for another post. I am just trying to let you know I may not even understand how to do your terms or what you ask me to do.

    My XP Pro was set up with several users and myself as the administrator. I added myself already to Windows 8 and have failed miserably to set up anyone else. I am not sure why I am being asked for an email address when I try to add more users called accounts on the screens?

    TIA, Luis

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    Hello Luis, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    In Windows 8, there are two type of accounts now. A local account (just like in XP), and a Microsoft account (new to Windows 8). You can use either one when creating/adding a new account.

    A Microsoft account is basically like a roaming account that uses an email address on the MS server to sync with.

    The tutorial below can help show you more about this. Please give it a read, and feel free to post back with any questions you may have.

    User Account - Add a New User in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    Well, my mother just got herself a new HP desktop and now she's being asked to make herself a Microsoft account...
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Microsoft Account?
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