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Force PIN login by default

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    Force PIN login by default

    I've setup my machine to enable PIN login (I find it quite convinient as the computer is 99% of the time in my home and 4 digit PIN is enough to discourage family from tinkering with my machine but easy enough to quickly unlock - I had 3 letter pass on my win 7) but I'm facing an issue - often, even tho I've previously selected PIN windows 8 default to password after computer wake up (even after short sleep) which is annoying because of muscle memory (swipe lockscreen, enter pin - when it's password I have to remove it, change to PIN and so on).

    how to force using PIN by default at every login/unlock?

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    I am looking for the same... no answers yet...? I was thinking there should be a way to do it in powershell script.
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    I still haven't found a way to do it... annoying!
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    I use a PIN and it does not revert to password to for me. I use an MS account for login, not a local account.

    If someone tries several wrong PINs, however, the system will revert to password to prevent continued PIN guessing. Once you enter the correct password then you can choose to re-enable PIN. Could someone be fooling with your system when you're not looking?
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    OK, it seems that in win8.1 the issue is somewhat gone (I didn't observer going back to pin after selecting it once on login screen) but! there is another issue - after rebooting the machine I always have to select PIN explicitely because during startup it always select password. Same goes for the 'auto login' - after first locking in I have to select PIN option.

    Hence - an option to force using pin by default is still needed.

    (no, it's next to impossible that someone is fooling with my computer as I live alone ).
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Force PIN login by default
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