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Confused about account types

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    Confused about account types

    I am using my administrator account that was created when I installed Win 8. I sign into it with a PIN, and that connects me to my account. I assume that my Microsoft account password is used behind the scenes to do this.

    I have been told that it would be more secure to use a standard account for my everyday use. My thought is to add another administrator account, and then change my current (administrator) account to standard. That way I would retain the work that I have already done, but in a standard account.

    Unfortunately, when I try to add another account, it wants an email address and, of course, it will not allow me to use the same account.

    1. Do I have to create another account just so I can add another administrator account?
    2. What is the difference between installing programs under a standard account versus an administrator account?
    3. What is the difference between installing app-store apps under a standard account versus an administrator account?
    4. I read a suggestion someplace in this forum to create a standard account that logs onto a Microsoft account, and use a local account for the administrator. Why? My instinct would be just the opposite.

    This is my home computer, I'm the only one who uses it, and there are no children to worry about getting onto it.

    Ideally, I would like my account to run in standard mode for everyday work, with the ability to switch it to administrator as needed. I can do this in Linux with the "sudo" command. How can I achieve a similar setup in Windows 8?

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    1. No! When it asks you for your email address at the point of adding a new User, look down the bottom of the page and click add user without Microsoft account. This account will be a "Local" account!
    2. No difference. The standard account requires permission from the Administrators account.
    3.Nothing at all.
    4.As per question 1's answer.

    The problem that you may find is that the control account (Your 'at present' account) has the registry in it. If you need to edit the registry you will have to re-access the account in to an administrators account.
    Best wishes rplantz.
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Confused about account types
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