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Is your theme tied to your live account?

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    Is your theme tied to your live account?

    So the other day, I was at camp(I work in northern alberta Canada in the middle of no wheres). I opened my comp with the ethernet plugged in. It proceeded with a screen for windows update, which I figured whatever, maybe I didnt' restart after I had did a update or something. Had been a couple days.

    Update finished and I proceeded to surf the net. Action center popped up saying I had no firewall or antivirus or something like that. The comp had come with a 2 month trial of norton but I just used defender since I had great success with security essentials on my windows 7 desktop. Defender had turned off and no matter what I did, an error came up. I did some research on the error and some steps like trying to start manually in services and such did nothing. The other options referred to changing the registry which I did no feel comfortable doing. You can't uninstall it since its not in the uninstall list in control panel.

    I had only access to the open network camp internet with no antivirus or firewall protection really so I decided to do a reformat since the comp was only a coupel weeks old and only had a few programs and games on it. Everything went fine for the full re format.

    Only thing that weirded me out was when I logged on to the pc the first time after the reformat, my desktop and themes were the same. I also think a few apps seemed to be new. I can't remember if the comp came with netflix app or not but it was on my app list.

    So my question is, are your themes and desktop pics and stuff like that tied to your live account? Or did this thing miss something reformatting? Everything else restarted itself, all my hp updates and window updates had to be done again. Seems like everything is good. Just want to make sure that it reformatted. I was afraid of a virus but pretty sure it was a glitch. I've monitored my start up stuff and have safe booted and ran norton and malwarebytes and they only picked up a few cookies. Everything is running smooth as of now. Just seemed weird to log on to a reformat comp to a pic of my dog.

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    Yes, by default, your wallpaper, Windows Store apps, etc. is tied to your Live account.
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    Hello Metamega, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Yes, by default it is tied to your Microsoft account.

    However, you could turn off syncing Desktop personalization to not have it sync to any other PCs that you have the same Microsoft account on.

    Sync Your Settings - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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Is your theme tied to your live account?
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