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Delete C:/Users/#name# folder

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    Delete C:/Users/USERNAME folder

    Hello, I've recently installed windows 8 and during the installation I found out I already made a Microsoft account with my email.
    That was no problem, it actually saved me time, so after the installation was finished and windows was set up I opened the windows explorer, where I found out my user folder (in C:/Users) was named sjoer_000. I found it a bit disturbing as it seems windows has made that name up so searched how to change the name (I didn't wanted to break something by changing it manually). The first thing I found didn't work. You had to navigate to the menu you get when you type "lusrmgr.msc" on the startscreen (I think you could access it by pressing win+x+g, then computer management, then system tools and then something like local users and groups). But I couldn't find it and after some searching again I found out it was for Windows 8 Pro only. Great, so that wasn't going to work. Another thing with regedit didn't work too probably because of the same reason; the standard versions lacks the feature.

    So what I tried after that was creating a new user account with the good name (I think it was a local account) and then I lost my original account and tried restored it with some backup from WinTransfer, but cancelled it somewhere in the process. I also made a Microsoft account with a different email (it might have been the same email, I don't remember).

    I did some other things, not sure what, and all that created a big mess. Now I finally have my normal account back with all my settings and programs (and it's currently the only account on the computer). But in my C:/Users folder there are three user account folders, one original folder named sjoer_000 and two empty folders named "sjoer_000.000" and "Sjoerd" (yes I managed to get a folder with the right name but when I had it I couldn't find my original account back.

    Now my problem is: how can I delete those two empty user folders? If I try to do it and I use admin rights it says I need admin rights (logic). I tried to enable the hidden administrator account (something I found while searching for an answer) but that only works with Windows 8 pro didn't work either.

    I also would like to know how to change the name of my original folder, but the other problem first.

    (I didn't install windows 8 as an upgrade, just as a clean install on my new built pc)
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    Hi Sjoerd,

    you may find an answer and sollution in this tutorial ==> User Account Name - Change in Windows 8

    At the bottom of that page are some "related tutorials" which may have some relevant information.

    Good luck with it!
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    I also have the same problem, i have the account names i like, but the old ones i deleted still have their information under C://users/(account name)
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Delete C:/Users/#name# folder
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