I have 2 Microsoft accounts. a personal account that I have connected to my xbox, windows 8 sdsktop and windows phone 8. then I have a business account I use for apps and games I write. Ever since I set up windows 8 on my computer with my personal account, internet explorer seems extremely reluctant to let me log in using my business account.

For example:

if I try to log into pubcenter.microsoft.com. I select "Sign in with your Microsoft account" button. It then logs in with my personal account... even though I've never used it with pubcenter.

So I log out and log back in with my business account. It goes to pub center and I can view my info.

but if I come back later and try to browse to pubcenter, the browser goes into a fit of rage bouncing back and forth between pubcenter and Microsoft logins until I forcibly close the browser. Then If I browse to any other Microsoft site I find that my personal account is now active.

Very frustrating, please help.

I'm happy to provide more info, be friendly. Thanks.