I recently purchased a new laptop with windows 8. It's working fine for the most part besides one very annoying thing. I don't have any social media accounts. I used to have a facebook but deleted it months ago. I logged on to my laptop the next day after purchasing it and all of my old contacts profile pictures from facebook have appeared on the peoples app. I am also getting their birthdays in my calendar. This is driving me crazy as I don't want to see or deal with many of these people ever again. I even have a new email that I have never used to log on to facebook so it wouldn't be tied to it whatsoever. The only thing I can imagine is it's my microsoft/windows id. I have one for my kids xbox live account so when I switched emails I notified them for billing etc. They presumably know me as well from my old email that was connected to my old fb account. I already went to settings, change pc settings, users, permissions. It showed facebook and said they are having trouble syncing my account but that can usually be solved by logging in. Next to it was a button to not allow any syncing between facebook and windows so checked that. I restarted my laptop and the contacts and birthdays are still there! It's just so disheartening to have to look at contacts from an account that no longer exists and hasn't for over 6 months! If I can't resolve this I'm going to have to delete the app which really sucks because I really like the calendar and the mail app and they are all connected and would be deleted with it. If anybody has any idea how to get rid of these contacts I would really appreciate it. I know you can click don't show facebook birthdays in calendar and I've done that but they are still "there" just now showing up and the contacts are still showing up in people. I don't want to just "hide" them. I want them gone all together.
Thank you.