I had a similar problem and got it resolved.
What you need is a boot disk. A recovery disk of windows 8 from any of your friends should do..you will just need to insert the first DVD.
On start up press F1 or which ever key to bring up bios. Change the boot menu to DVD Drive as the first option. Save and exit.
Insert the DVD and the sytem will boot up with windows repair options.
Choose reset windows (factory option) which will delete all existing data (none in your case as you have not stored any)
After having done that, reset your bios settings to Hard Disk Drive as the first boot up option, save and exit.
Your boot up should start in a normal fashion and you should be seeing the screen asking you to prepare a new account.

The other option for you is to create a universal boot disk (takes 1 CD space)..
Link: Download Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) - MajorGeeks
This in the event you cannot get your hands on a windows 8 recovery Disks (usually it takes 4DVD's to make recovery).
Hope this helps.