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Is there any way to turn off the big-brother mode?

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    Is there any way to turn off the big-brother mode?

    By big-brother, I mean MicroSoft's insistance to tie all your accounts together. Like using Facebook, without being forced to tie it to a MicroSoft account.

    There is another annoying feature, if you have multiple computers (and I mean even if not sharing).

    Someone at work pointed out that their work computer is displaying results/adds/search history, for searches that were done on home computers.

    Yesterday, I installed Windows 8 on a work computer and later in the day, my lock screen was using a photo that I use on only one of my other personal computers. I NEVER uploaded anything to "the clowd". Never uploaded the photo to the "sky drive". NEVER sync'd my computer with anything. Yet my work computer grabbed the photo from my home computer.

    The other annoying thing is that after installing Windows 8 on a work computer, my home computer suddenly had Bing as the default page, when I had specified another. It appears this 2nd Express install, changed the behavior of my home computer. I'm 100% sure it did.

    The reason seems to be only because I used the same MicroSoft email address (account).


    1) Is there any way to use Facebook, on a Windows 8 computer, without being forced to tie it to a MicroSoft account. Something tells me that if I post on Facebook, Microsoft can and will grab that info and spew it to wherever they like.

    2) Is there any way to stop (or disable) MicroSoft from uploading, grabbing, using ANYTHING on my computer, unless I specifically initiate the transfer?

    I prefer my computer to be isolated. I want nothing uploaded ANYWHERE unless I take positive action. I want to avoid some "stealth permission given" by installing some other program or using some service. Unless I say "upload this somewhere" I want everything to remain on my computer. This seems like a reasonable desire. If I want to use the SkyDrive, that should be my choice. If I want my lock screen to be only on one computer, MicroSoft shouldn't be grabbing it and placing it on other computers. If I want to remain isolated, there should be a way, short of disconnecting from the internet.

    I do realize that I could just create another MicroSoft account for each computer but that only solves part of the problem. I'm 100% sure that MicroSoft still uploads photos and content that I don't authorize, like the lock screen photo.

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    What you want is called a local account. To change your m$ account to a local account: go to settings on the c-bar, then click on More Pc Settings, go to the Users tab, now on the right hand side under your user account it should have an option called Switch to Local Account. Follow the instructions and it will sign you out and change your account type.

    Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8

    Another alternative is to keep using an m$ account but change its Sync Your Settings options to off. Sync Your Settings is on the more pc settings menu under User way down at the bottom. You can change it to completely off. Or you can specify some settings to sync and some to not. I personally use a local account so I haven't tried this out.

    Sync Your Settings - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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Is there any way to turn off the big-brother mode?
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